10 Great tips to use Facebook Live for your business growth

Growing your brand on a social media platform like Facebook is not a very simple and easy task as it sounds like. There are many factors that you need to focus on if you want to grow your brand on a social media platform. The Live streaming feature of Facebook is a very crucial marketing tool. Here are the 10 great tips to use Facebook Live for your business growth:

1. Hosting Q&A sessions

When it comes to growing your brand on a social media platform like Facebook, interaction with your audience plays a vital role. Facebook has a lot of different features to promote and market your brand to your target audience. Facebook Live is one of the most crucial aspects of Facebook.

You can use Facebook Live for different purposes to grow your brand. A truly amazing way of using Facebook Live is to host Q&A sessions with your audience. Interaction is the key to success of any brand on social media. You can ask your audience prepare their questions in advance via a post from your brand’s official facebook page.

This will help you to get prepared before going Live on Facebook. There may also occur a scenario where you have to answer to the questions raised by your audience in real time. The main objective is to promote your Live stream so that enough people joins the stream and they comment on your Live video. This is really a great way to boost up the engagement rate of your brand’s social media presence.

2. BTS videos

Facebook Live is one of the most highly engaging features of Facebook. For growing brands, Facebook Live is a great marketing tool. With the help of Facebook Live, you can show your audience the other side of your business that basically refers to the behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes of your business will show the human element of your brand. The more natural outlook you give to your brand, more people will believe and trust on your brand. You can host a Facebook live session to give a tour of your workplace, introduce your team to your audience and stay connected with your followers on a daily basis.

You can also show behind the scenes of some special events as exclusive content to your followers. This will help you to win over their trust and will contribute a lot to brand loyalty. Giving your brand a natural outlook should be one of your main objectives.

 BTS videos show how your brand works to provide your customers the best form of service. Using Facebook Live to show BTS videos will surely fetch you a lot of engagement and will bring a good amount of traffic to your brand’s page.

3. Promotional offers

Facebook Live can be a great promotional tool to promote your brand on social media. You can easily promote your business by giving special deals to your audience. There are multiple different ways in which you can use Facebook Live to promote your business.

When it comes to promotional offers, you can host a Facebook Live session and demonstrate the new deals on your products that you will be giving to your audience. With the help of a Facebook Live session, you can easily explain to your audience all the benefits that they will be receiving from these special promotional offers. You can broadcast the best deals one-by-one to your audience as this will surely help you to boost up the sales of your brand.

Another great way of improvising your sales number is to go live and set a countdown clock along with a link to a landing page where your audience can easily see all the special deals and promotional deals on your brand’s products. Giving promotional offers is a great and effective way to attract more audience to your brand and raise the sales number easily without any kind of hindrance at all.

4. Demonstrate the use of a product

Facebook Live can be great place to demonstrate to your audience how one can use a product of your brand. You can easily show how to use that product properly in order to get the best desired results. This is a great way to win more customers.

5. Host real-time games

One of the most effective ways in which you can promote your brand via a Facebook Live session is to host real-time games. Hosting a real-time game on your Facebook Live session will help you to keep your audience engaged and it will really prove to be a great way to entertain them.

6. Give giveaways

Everyone likes free things. That’s an universal truth. You can use this opportunity to attract more people to your Facebook Live session by giving giveaways to the lucky random winners. Ask them to follow your brand page, share it with their friends in order to participate in such giveaways. This will surely increase your reach a lot. Declare the winners on your Facebook Live session.

7. Acknowledge your audience

For every business, customer is the kingpin to success. Acknowledging your customers is very necessary as it will help you to win over their trust. Try to say hello to the people who comments on your Live session and respond to their comments in a humble way. This will help you to form a friendly bond with your audience.

8. Go live often

One of the most important tips that you should remember is that you should go on Facebook Live frequently. Going on Live often will help you to stay connected with your audience. If you want instant growth you can pay for FB live stream viewers for your stream and enjoy instant gain in viewership.

9. Authenticity

Authenticity plays a huge role when it comes to growing a brand on social media platform like Facebook. Try to be authentic whenever you go Live on Facebook.

10. Have a stable Wi-Fi connection

The worst you can imagine is losing your connection in the middle of a Facebook Live session. Therefore, always make sure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection before going Live on Facebook.

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