The Ultimate APA Case Study Format Guide for College Students

In college and university studies, you will most likely encounter a writing task in APA case study format. These papers demand a lot from the students. Firstly, one needs to have impeccable research and writing skills. Secondly, a lot of populations can be hard to analyse.

Similarly, the chances of misinterpreting the data and coming up with wrong results are also quite common. In such cases, even the right APA-style case study format cannot save your marks. By definition, a case study is a project based on research where the author takes one situation & tries to discuss it with examples.

As we see, some students are not naturally good at solving case studies with proper formatting. In such cases, they can get case study help online from reliable and professional writing companies. Such writers provide a solution to the existing academic problems of the students. Also, they make it easier for students to achieve their academic goals.

In this article, we have discussed the guidelines for crafting an APA format case study. Let’s dive deeper into the details.

How to Write APA Case Study Format?

The APA is an acronym for the American Psychological Association. In simple words, it is a reference citation format that college and university students have to use in the following papers:

  • Method articles
  • Literature reviews
  • Case studies
  • Other advanced academic essays and papers

Now that you’re aware of APA, here is a detailed process to craft an APA format citation case study. Also, keep in mind that you’ve to be fully aware of the components of the case study before you start writing:

1. Abstract Paragraph

In the abstract paragraph of your APA case study format, you put your predictions, hypothesis, and methods. Also, that is where your results are mentioned. An effective paragraph assists the reader in determining if they are interested in your papers or not. There will be a margin of 1 inch on all sides of the paper.

The picture below depicts the same concept – we have taken it from The University of Arizona Global Campus:

2. Annotated Bibliography

In an APA case study format, the annotated bibliography consists of all the resources and references used in your papers. On that page, you can cite and annotate those sources. Here, we have taken an example of The University of Nevada, Reno, to show you how an annotated bibliography looks like:

3. Block Quotes

A block quote is a quote that is separate from the normal case study text. Here, you can add different quotes that are longer than 40 words & cite them accordingly. Keep in mind that there will be double line spacing for the entire paper. Also, the font you use should be legible.

4. Footnotes

Footnotes are a way for the writers to provide extra information to the readers. Also, it is a way to provide more insights into the ideas you have highlighted in your papers. The main aim of such footnotes is to protect the readers from distractions. Usually, the formatted footnotes appear at the bottom of a page. If you are having trouble formatting your paper, reach out to online case study writers to do the job for you.

5. In-text Citations

The in-text citations in the APA case study format appear in the content of your work. Also, the main aim of such citations is to tell readers about the actual source of information. Furthermore, these in-text citations are also mentioned as references on the concerned page of the case study. So, their main objective is to ensure clarity in the minds of readers.

The University of Alberta has the following example to demonstrate the said concept:

6. Et al. Usage

The term ‘et al.’ is a short and abbreviated form that means ‘and others’ in the Latin language. So, when you are citing multiple authors for a single source, you may use this term. For that, you’ll only have to include the name of the first author and then add et al.

7. Title Page

In an APA case study format, the title page of your work is really important. So, in APA format, the title page is a separate page that has the following information:

  • Name of the student
  • The name of the instructor
  • Educational Institution’s name
  • The running head

So, here is an example from the Student Paper Guide

Also, the primary purpose of such a page is to present the topic of the paper. Furthermore, the due date for the work and the page numbers are mentioned on such title pages. Moreover, the title page is always to be used in all sorts of APA papers.

8. Page Numbers

The page numbers occur at 3 places in an APA case study format. Those 3 places are listed below:

  • All pages at the upper right side
  • On the reference list
  • Over the in-text citations pages

Apart from these, you can also use the page numbers anywhere your instructor asks you to. Remember that you have to fulfil the department guidelines carefully for getting better grades.

9. Reference Page

Usually, you can use a reference page and a bibliography interchangeably. However, students normally prefer to use two different pages for both. The reference page, as the name shows, has a list of outside sources and references. Also, the reference entries are usually in Italics.

On the other hand, a bibliography includes credited citations and the annotations. Also, the APA case study format has instructions for both.

APA Format Case Study Example

So, here is a paper that shows the APA 7th edition case study format that you can use for your papers. Furthermore, we have taken the example from the APA.

APA Format Case Study Template

Again, here is a sample template from Docsity that you can review to understand the APA formatting of your case studies. Also, it provides you with an APA case study format that you are required to follow for work:


So, you have now reviewed the details for the APA case study format. Writing an excellent case study needs much planning for perfection. Hence, if you need someone to review your work, you should reach out to your peers or professional writers. Also, one thing that you must ensure is that your paper must outline the main points of your case study papers.

Moreover, you can also rely on professional case study writing services for unparalleled help. Sometimes, the mere guidelines are not enough for students, and they need personalised assistance. So, the writers on such platforms can provide you with the help you might need. Also, they assist you in getting the grades you desire.

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